Obsessively Scrobbling

I’m rapidly approaching 200,000 scrobbles on Last.fm. It’s currently 199,858, which will be even higher by the time I finish writing this, as I’m currently listening to music (when am I not?). That will be 200,000 scrobbles since 23 July 2005, which is a hell of a lot of music.

I think I’m going to write something about how my music taste has evolved since my teenage years. When I opened my Last.fm account in July 2005, I was currently enjoying some time off from education while I prepared to go to university in September of that year. I was a floppy haired spotty 18-year-old, who’s taste in music largely consisted of punk pop and people screaming in my ears at a volume that 37-year-old me be horrified at.

While I still enjoy a lot of that stuff, I’ve branched out to listening to pretty much anything. My quest to constantly listen to new music and new genres borders on the obsessive, but there’s so much music out there that I want to hear that I’m probably going to spend the rest of my life doing it.

I expect I’ll hit 200,000 by Friday at the latest. I’m having to keep a close eye on it as I don’t want my 200,000th scrobble to be something completely random. But, at the same time, maybe it should be completely random as that’s more natural. Or I could just stick on my most played song, which is currently The Middle by Jimmy Eat World (still an absolute banger of a song).

If you’re not on Last.fm and you listen to a lot of music, then what are you waiting for? We need to keep that site alive, so I’ll always recommend that you use it. I successfully convinced my wife, although the fact that it’s tracking the Disney baby lullabies that Alexa plays for our youngest at night isn’t exactly a great reflection of her taste in music. I’m sure she’d tell you it should be wall-to-wall Busted instead. I’ll refrain from commenting about whether that’s any better!

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