Songs of the Week #3 (Week of 7 August 2023)

Welcome to the triumphant return of Songs of the Week! I realised that it lasted two weeks before it looked like I packed it in, but I had a good reason to put it on hiatus as my daughter ended up in hospital for just under two weeks. I’ve been meaning to write about it here, but I can’t bring myself to put what happened into anything coherent right now. 

Having to take a break from my blog doesn’t mean that I stopped listening to music. Music is what I turn to when times are tough, and while I didn’t listen to anywhere near as much music as I normally would, I would still stick headphones in my ears when I got chance, mostly when I was walking back to my accommodation from the hospital.  

So, the tracks in this week’s playlist don’t just come from the last week. Instead, I’ve thrown in some of my most listened to, as well as some great new discoveries, to create a bumper playlist of 60 songs. 

Highlights include the latest release from Olivia Rodrigo in ages, ‘Vampire’, although she’s since released ‘bad idea right?’. One of my rules with these playlists is that I only include one track per artist a week, so ‘Vampire’ makes it in ahead of her new song as I think it’s a better song. 

I’m really loving Taking Back Sunday’s new song ‘The One’. It’s quite different to their older stuff, but, like me, the band has matured and so has their sound. It’s great to see bands that were a big part of my youth still going strong, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else Taking Back Sunday has in store. 

Three bands to feature this week that seemingly came out of nowhere (although I’m wrong, of course, as this blog post points out about Picture Parlour and laments people using the term ‘industry plants’, a term that has been levelled at two of the bands I’m about to mention here) are FIZZ, with the infectious as fuck ‘High in Brighton’, the apparent ‘next Wet Leg’ The Last Dinner Party, with ‘Sinner’, and the aforementioned Picture Parlour with ‘Norwegian Wood’. The last one is my favourite, with raw, scratchy vocals that transport you straight into a rocky dive bar and it reminds me a bit of Courtney Love’s Hole. I’m really looking forward to seeing what all three bands do next.  

Speaking of rocky as fuck songs, be sure to check out ‘HAMMS IN A GLASS’ by Winona Fighter. Other highlights include ‘Spiral City’ by CARR, new track ‘Drag Me Down’ by Loveless (which I’ve recently really got into, listening to both of their albums recently), ‘Every Night’ by Flor (another band whose albums I’ve been devouring, but this track is an absolute banger!), and ‘Lights Out’ by the brilliantly named Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers. 

That’s it for this week. Check out the full playlist below and, as always, you can check this month’s ongoing playlist by clicking here. I’m pretty sure the schedule will be back to normal next time, so have a great music-filled week until then! 

Want me to check out your music for possible inclusion in one of my weekly playlists? Please email me at tmulrooney AT gmail DOT com. Please include a Spotify link to your track. 

  1. Lost Cause – Jules Paymer
  2. Vampire – Olivia Rodrigo
  3. Sour – Echosmith
  4. High In Brighton – FIZZ
  5. The Cheaters guide To The Galaxy – Warwick Smith
  6. The One – Taking Back Sunday
  7. Give Me My Halo – YONAKA
  8. Summer of Luv (feat. Unknown Mortal Orchestra) – Portugal. The Man, Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  9. St. Girlfriend – Games We Play
  10. Dummy – The Regrettes
  11. Bad Actors – The Menzingers
  12. The Time Of Year Always – Crawlers
  13. Firestarter – SUMR, Siamese
  14. Like an Animal – Piqued Jacks
  15. Rattlesnake Heartbreak – Miniature Tigers
  17. Push It Down – L Devine
  18. On My Way – Dazy
  19. Unwritten – Settle Your Scores
  20. Indecent – Maggie Miles
  21. Fuck Around Phase – Housewife
  22. Lights Out – Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers
  23. The Implication – Parrotfish
  24. $wing – FEVER 333
  25. BOOM – Cassyette
  26. Tomorrow Is Closed – Nothing But Thieves
  27. delirious – swim school
  28. Heaven Without You – KID BRUNSWICK
  29. Honda Civic – Lauran Hibberd
  30. I Gotta Feeling – STONE
  31. Electric Touch (feat. Fall Out Boy) (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy
  32. Think of Us Kissing – Hamish Hawk
  33. Stand Anthem – Beverly Glenn-Copeland
  34. Can You Get To That – Funkadelic
  35. Bloomsday – Samantha Crain
  36. Just Like Heaven – Hannah Peel
  37. Setting Sun – Howling Bells
  38. Clemency – Emma Pollock
  39. Norwegian Wood – Picture Parlour
  40. In My Head – NewDad
  41. Weekend – Body Type
  42. What’s The Point In Life – Coach Party
  43. HAMMS IN A GLASS – Winona Fighter
  44. Consciousness – JonoJono
  45. Rather B Dead – Middle Part
  46. Who’s Laughing Now – DURRY
  47. Spiral City – CARR
  48. Get Up Kid – Thirty Seconds To Mars
  49. Do You Wanna Talk – Wild Horse
  50. I Know I Know – Vistas
  51. Remember All The Girls – The Sherlocks
  52. Woman Of The Year – The View
  53. Strawberry Woman – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
  54. Every Night – flor
  55. Sinner – The Last Dinner Party
  56. Classics – Moon Taxi
  57. How Does It Feel – Tom Grennan
  58. Might Love Myself – Beartooth
  59. Modern Day – BLOXX
  60. Drag Me Down – Loveless

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